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"Support Entrepreneurship" License Plate



All your information is submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles along with your money before September 1st 2013. It will be presented to the legislature for approval January 2014. Upon approval the license plates will go into manufacturing and vouchers will be mailed to you, which you take that to a branch or town to get the plate by August 2014.

For every registered and paid plate, Youth Entrepreneurship Adventures receives $10.00 to continue to improve entrepreneurial education for Maine’s youth to build an educated workforce and to build Maine’s future economy.

Build A Biz recognizes the boundless potential for growth and creativity that resides in every child.  Providing opportunities for youth through education and real-world experience in order to nurture the kernels of possibility and help them grow into something big and exciting is exactly what Build A Biz stands for – and aims to provide every child who takes part in the program. 

Build A Biz is a program of Youth Entrepreneurship Adventures,
a 501 (c) (3) a non-profit organization

Kate Krukowski Gooding

PO Box 7338 • Portland, ME 04112-7338 • (207) 460.8884

Build A Biz Day is Sunday, May 19th, across Maine. Stay tuned!